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In Making Light, Passion Blew, Passion Blue, Uncategorized, Victoria Strauss, Writer Beware on February 28, 2011 at 1:39 am

In the publishing world there’s currently much confusion for individuals wanting to publish their books. There are many sites, claiming to have authors “best interests” in mind, that are driven by innuendo, negativity, name calling, speculation, hidden agendas and disinformation. Our goal is to investigate claims and report known facts to determine whether the claims are factual, truthful or blatant fiction. Moreover, no conclusion shall be reached without proven documentation to back up the claims. Our approach will be impartial, unbiased and objective. No nonsense. Accordingly, we’ll expect the same from you.

No negativity will be permitted here. There’s plenty of other sites to complain and post on. Play by our rules, become informed and help us build a credible knowledge base.

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