Florida Attorney General vs. Strategic Book Group: What’s causing the delays?

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When questioned about the status of the Florida Attorney General’s case against Strategic Book Group, Victoria Strauss stated on the Absolute Write blog :

The Florida AG’s office is definitely dealing with the foreclosure fraud crisis–but staff are also actively pursuing the Fletcher lawsuit. Suits like this often bog down in defendants’ delaying tactics, such as attempted venue changes, appealing court rulings, and firing lawyers in order to trigger a 90-day delay while a new lawyer gets up to speed.

In reply, a blog member, NYC_Writer_212, questioned her further:

“Is that what is actually happening? Are you saying that Fletcher is delaying, using attempted venue changes, appealing court rulings (What rulings? Have there been any?) and firing lawyers to trigger a 90 day delay? It would help a lot to stay on point instead of making implications (i.e., state what you know). If you don’t know anything just say so.” Fair Question? Appears to be.

It’s very ironic that Strauss never replied. However, NYC_Writer_212 was met with numerous replies from the minions, including the following:

C. K. Casner: “Does anyone else detect the odor of troll?”

Momento Mori: “Fair enough. Check out the other boards as they give you a lot of good advice. Preditors and Editors is a solid resource [emphasis added] for information on potential scam publishers/agents and companies it’s better to avoid generally and so too is Writer Beware.”

We’re not convinced that Preditors and Editors is a “solid resource” of information.

We think that this was a fair question raised by NYC_Writer_212 to Victoria Strauss. There are numerous possible reasons for delays. Regardless, whatever has resulted in the delays, she clearly states that “[s]uits like this often bog down in defendants’ delaying tactics.” Keep an open mind. There could be judicial delays, administrative delays or a lack of evidence preventing further prosecution of the case. Any one of these, including Strauss’ implications, are plausible. However, making a statement without solid evidence to back it up is misleading and should cause any one to question the statement. The Office of the Florida Attorney General website still states that: “[t]he case . . . relates to a civil — not a criminal — investigation. The existence of an investigation does not constitute proof of any violation of law.” We will continue to watch and monitor the Florida Attorney General’s actions on this case.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”  – Albert Eintsein


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