Reputation & Credibility Management, Should a publisher, “traditional” or otherwise, be concerned with the online activities of their authors? Do blog postings impact, sales, marketing efforts, public relations and public perception?

In Authors, Credibility, Propaganda, Reputation on March 14, 2011 at 4:00 am
  1. Personally, I think publishers should be very concerned about the online activities of their authors. Everything a publisher does impacts their authors, and everything an author does can impact their publisher. The publisher-author relationship is about marketing and sales, and what one party in that relationship does can impact the other. Regardless of how the business relationship is structured, public perception is that each side represents the other. Poor choices by authors in their online activities can negatively impact the credibility of the publisher, which has ripple effects with the publisher’s dealings (sales and marketing) with its other authors.

    For the duration of the business relationship between the author and the publisher, the author needs to be very aware that all actions in the public eye can impact, not only their own sales and marketing efforts, but also hurt the credibility of the publisher, thereby impacting the sales and marketing activities of other authors. The author needs to be aware, also, that actions made against their publisher in the public eye can easily backfire on the author, permanently impacting the author’s sales and marketing efforts for his or her own published and future works.

    Publishers cannot stop an author’s online activities, but can coach their authors on the most productive online activies to promote the author’s works and on the least productive online activities that can negatively impact both the publisher’s and author’s reputation, sales and marketing efforts.

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