Bauer vs. Glatzer: Letter from the University of California – San Diego

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From the original complaint regarding the allegations against Defendant, Shweta Narayan:

“Defendant Shweta Narayan (“Narayan”) is employed at International Computer Science Institute, 1947 Center St., Suite 600, Berkeley, CA 94704. In or about November, 2006, defendant Narayan published a paper and abstract which contained numerous false and defamatory statements about plaintiffs Barbara Bauer and BBLA including, but not limited to, referring to plaintiff as “a literary agent AW[Absolute Write] had exposed as a scam artist,” and stating that “… Bauer claims to be a real literary agent…” and is a “well known scam artist.” On November 4, 2006, Narayan repeated her false and defamatory statements in a public talk at the University of California, San Diego. [Emphasis Added.]”

A letter from the University of San Diego regarding these allegations:

For PDF version, click here.

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