Accusations Regarding Macallister Stone and Absolute Write: Google Ad Revenue May be Coming From Authors

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Anonymous sources have raised accusations that Macallister Stone and Absolute Write may be wading in substantial Google Ad Revenue. Moreover, the revenue may be unknowing coming from authors that visit the site. Macallister Stone and Absolute Write were also accused of pretending to run an honest critique board and making substantial income from the high traffic volume on the site. The anonymous sources also stated:

“One of the Absolute Write tricks is to pretend any and all critics are scammers out to get them, and they play this game while wallowing in hundreds of Google text ads, 20-30% of which scam writers and play bait and switch tactics.”

“Another thing that is very suspicious. The board runs hundreds of google ads, hundreds, and each time a visitor or member clicks on one, the board owner, Macallister Stone, makes money. In other words, she makes money if negative controversy hits google and sends hundreds of visitors to Absolute Write. It isn’t in her interest to be civil or contain the bully.”

While there may be some merit to these claims, (admittedly, the site is riddled with advertisements) The Write Agenda has not reached a conclusion and cannot render an opinion at this time. However, The Write Agenda is investigating these claims and will continue to research this matter. Confidential sources may contact us here.

Macallister Stone, if you care to submit a response to these accusations, you may contact us at

Additional Information on Macallister Stone can be found here and here


Absolute Write (MacAllister Stone) . . . is it ran out of a rental storage unit? Are Authors Paying the Rent via Google Ads?

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