Christian Story Teller Asks: “Victoria Strauss, what is she doing to her reputation?”

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The Write Agenda is not alone in its quest to compel Victoria Strauss to tell the truth. The Christian Story Teller posted this yesterday. [Reprinted with the express permission of]

Victoria Strauss, what is she doing to her reputation?

Why the foul mouth & no answers?


You reap what you sow. Now it seems that Victoria loves to use the f— word in her postings and still won’t answer the question about her post about “the police investigation” on another company [American Book Publishing] that she doesn’t like. She informed this editor years ago that she and “they”? have lots of complaints, records, and documents about all these publishers / agents / agencies that they have identified as scammers, BUT she would never prove it. We were just to take her at her word. Which right now is in the dumper.

The use of the F— word has NO place in professional behavior or polite company. It reveals that the person might have a limited command / knowledge  of the english language. Additionally, statements from this type of word smith tend to be reviewed as coming from an arrogant, unschooled, self important, know it all.

Prove it or lose it. For years Victoria has been part of a group that would boldly demand facts and financial figures from companies and now she can’t answer yes or no. If she doesn’t come clean with the answers to these simple questions, she’ll be just like yellow snow.

A major creditability scandal indeed!  Read the full story and  The Write Agenda who exposed the ugly facts. Then go to Publishingfacts for  Commentary:

 “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”  

–  Charles Spurgeon


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