Open Letter to Eric Grimm: Christian authors ‘targeted’ by PublishAmerica, says CBA

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Mr. Grimm,

The quote attributed to ACFW is not accurate. PublishAmerica in this offering to their authors never claimed that they had a “contract” with your organization. Also, this fabrication occurred after being contacted by CBA. In the interest of all concerned parties, we respectfully request that you take all measures necessary to force and compel Cynthia Ruchti to issue an immediate retraction of this erroneous information. In addition, you indicate that the information that came from  “a very concerned call from an author,” which  is quite obviously the notorious Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware. We have very strong concerns regarding the reporting of Victoria Strauss who’s own needlework on the fabric of truthfulness still remains in question.

Please refer to the following link regarding Victoria Strauss’ truthfulness:

In protest of the erroneous remarks of Cynthia Ruchti, unless a retraction issues henceforth from Cynthia Ruchti, we do anticipate placing her on our “Boycotted Authors List.”

Lizzy Greenberg
The Write Agenda

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