Victoria Strauss & Writer Beware™ Just Can’t Seem to Use Primary Source Material: Blogs vs. Actual Results on Letterhead from Police & Investigative Agencies

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When you log on to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America’s (SFWA) “Alerts for Writers” (here), under the American Book Publishing link (here), it states: “American Book Publishing has been the focus of at least one police investigation.” The hyperlinks link to two (now deleted) blog postings that have been preserved under the “WayBack Machine” which is an Internet archive service.

So, Victoria Strauss & Writer Beware™ want to convey that American Book Publishing has been the focus of at least one police investigation.” The problem here is that Victoria Strauss & Writer Beware™ are using blog postings, that have been deleted, as substantive proofs that an “investigation” actually occurred. It doesn’t take an investigative journalist or a Washington Post reporter (former or current) to tell you that this is not “primary source material.” Convincing?

Complaints, while any one can file them, if they do not result in charges, or a prosecution, are meaningless. Therefore, the entire claim by Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware™ against American Book Publishing is meaningless. So what? What’s happened here? A couple of people (one unidentifiable) have posted complaints. Who orchestrated this and promoted it? Who is still promoting it? Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware™. What exactly is Victoria Strauss’ agenda? You can’t put this on Dorothy Neddermeyer or G.E. Blast . . . it’s much deeper and personal with Victoria Strauss.

The Write Agenda™ has been in contact with Dorthy Neddermeyer, Detective Wilkins, Salt Lake District Attorney, Utah’s Attorney General, South Salt Lake Police Department, Salt Lake Police Department, Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, U.S. Department of Justice, City of Salt Lake, Federal Bureau of Investigation, State of Utah’s Department of Public Safety and the State of Utah’s Department of Commerce. Victoria Strauss’ and Writer Beware’s G.E. Blast has proven to be an unidentifiable source. Nothing has ever transpired against American Book Publishing:

State of Utah’s Department of Commerce: “ . . . the Division has not taken any disciplinary action, either administrative or legal, against American Book Publishing.”

South Salt Lake Police Department: “ . . . we can find no case involving C. Lee Nunn.”

South Salt Lake Police Department: “This letter is to advise you that this department has made a records check on C. Lee Nunn and American Book Publishing and all [emphasis added] of the cases involving Detective Wilkins . . . . reflect that there has been no criminal contact with this individual by the South Salt Lake Police Department . . . .”

State of Utah, Department of Public Safety: “ . . . we do not have any knowledge or working case investigation in regards to the report you requested.”

Salt Lake City, Deputy Recorder: “After a search of business licensing and police department files for the business name ‘American Book Publishing,’ the City must report that it does not have any records responsive to your request.”

Unified Police Greater Salt Lake: “A search of our records did not produce any incident reports at that address.”

Salt Lake City Police Department: “Salt Lake Police Department does not have any documentation regarding this company.”

 District Attorney, Salt Lake County: “ . . . there are no cases in the District Attorney’s records, either open or closed.”

When you couple this with our posting “John Steinbeck Family Defrauded by Writer Beware™ & SFWA Attorney: The 2007 Scam that Writer Beware™ Didn’t Report . . . Why?Writer Beware™ and Victoria Strauss become more and more questionable. Do you want proof from the actual agencies that they claim were “investigating” American Book Publishing? Or, would you prefer to rely on deleted blog postings (preserved by the WayBack Machine) that Victoria Strauss & Writer Beware™  want you to believe is “primary source material”? Is this really believable “watchdog” reporting? You decide:

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