UPDATE – 1/7/2012: Absolute Write Harassment, Threats & Bullying: Legal Action a Possibility?

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ALERT: John Steinbeck Family Defrauded by Writer Beware™ & SFWA Attorney: The 2007 Scam that Writer Beware™ Didn’t Report . . . Why?

Absolute Write Harassment, Threats & Bullying: True Colors Come Through

“Tatyana’s blog has now been deleted for her safety. The information has all been archived and prepared for the authorities. Makes me wonder how many “reputation points” this cyber bully will get from Absolute Write for putting this girl through so much over a damned article.”

–  The Bogus Barrister

UPDATE: 1/7/2012:

“I may as welll post the update here as well. An investigation is under way and Google has stepped in and they have deleted those cached pages so that these harassers cannot gain access to her blog. Sad part is they bullied the girl off the internet.”

January 06, 2012

Died Laughing said…

“have u heard the latest? According to Absolute write we are all insane here and we’re all supposed to be the same person. What a way to save face.”


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