Quote of the day: “How many times have we stated that the truth is hard to find if you lie?”

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“How many times have we stated that the truth is hard to find if you lie? Over the years web-site such as writer-beware , Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America , Preditors & Editors have engaged in actions that are terroristic in nature. They have become the neighborhood bullies. They have a small following of fans who believe everything that is posted on their web-sites. These fans in turn then re-post the allegations as if it was the truth. Half truths, alleged actions, false accusations, outright lies about agents and publishing companies. While their foundation and original mission may have been based on the truth and facts supporting their complaints, they have gone to the dark side of the moon. They need the sensation of the half truths and lies to keep interest in their web-sites. They NEVER post facts……..because there are none. They engage in vicious gossip and rumors. While some of the complaints might be true, they are obscured by the volume of nasty personal venting of false statements. They are not looking for truth, they’re inventing it to suit their personal agenda. All writers, authors need to do the research, look towards a professional site that posts verifiable facts, NOT personal opinions disguised as facts. The truth is not hard to prove if you don’t lie.”

Source: Christian Story Teller


“An Author site/blog using Google ads to generate revenue from authors probably isn’t anyone you want to read.”

– The Write Agenda

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