Ah the F—Word by Victoria Strauss (Guest Blog)

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It is a moot opinion if Victoria Strauss wants to use the F—Word. It’s her choice.  At her level of writing there needs to be  some action words to support the lack of substance in her writing.

In reviewing the data research of her posts and books there is a definite  pattern of comic book writing or a lack of professional writing.  In fact, Victoria is most comedic in her responses to questions about her “facts”.  Victoria is more than entitled to write this way. She comes off as a Egotistical Cyber Bully troll. She loves the attention that her bad behavior brings her.

Her readers, though small in numbers, are in need of elementary written works, and at least they’re reading some big words. Bad ones but big ones.

So that being said, she has to be the fulfiller of her own dreams. Therefore,  she is as good as she thinks. BUT the problem is like comparing apples and oranges or in this case comic books to masterpieces.  So, we support her. Go Victoria, there is always room at the bottom under the bridge.

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Passion Blue

We do not expect this latest book release to generate any major sales. Strauss has failed to produce any significant sales rankings with any of her books.

We really hope (and encourage) that Victoria Strauss will do some public appearances with this new book. Come out of the harbor Vicky . . . get a taste of real depression . . . there’s life outside of the comforts of your tranquil home in cozy Amherst, MA.

Strauss has not been published by any major  traditional publisher since her unceremoniously release from Harper – Collins. Moreover, historically her sales rankings  . . .  um . . . they are on the book buying public’s “thumbs down” list. Unless, of course, you’re a “flying monkey.” You know, the Kool-Aid drinking minions of the SFWA . . . they buy the books; they are encouraged to as a sign of support to the not-for-profit organization’s principals  . . .  i.e. Ann “A.C.” Crispin and Victoria Strauss. They don’t accept donations to Writer Beware . . .  no . . .  no . . . buy the books of Ann “A.C. ” Crispin and Victoria Strauss.

Seriously? Mr. IRS where are you? Speaking of the IRS. The SFWA has not filed an IRS 990 (tax return) in 3 years? Clearly the SWFA President, John Scalzi, has no balls. Man Up John!

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