The Problem with Smashwords (“Smutwords”) CEO Mark Coker: Incest Authors are “Articulate”? Christ Coker!

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“An interview with Smashwords CEO Mark Coker He mainly gloats about company’s recent standoff with PayPal, in which the e-book publishing juggernaut  defended his right to sell oddball erotica, just as long as it’s legal. Also, he lets it slip that the authors of incest erotica are ‘incredibly articulate and well-spoken.’ [Fast Company]”

Christ Coker! The Christians and other religious groups, authors and publishers are going to tear you (YOU) up with that comment. Incest . . . erotica?

[NOTE: Erotica is very popular on “Smutwords”, about 20% . . .  yes 1/5  of the sales on Smashwords is trash, rubbish, porn . . .  incest! Rise up religious leaders and folk. It’s time to pull your books off of “Smutwords” and make a statement to the porn merchant of “Smutwords,” . . .  Mark Coker. (Does he have children?) Hmm . . . “My Daddy sells books about incest . . .  what does your Daddy do?”]