Absolute Write (MacAllister Stone) . . . is it ran out of a rental storage unit? Are Authors Paying the Rent via Google Ads?

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McAllister Stone, the primary “officer” at Absolute Write and a defendant in the Bauer vs. Glatzer case  appears to have listed her residence, in the lawsuit brought against her by Literary Agent, Barbara Bauer as 8911 Vernon Rd., M-#165, Everett, WA 98205. Information obtained by The Write Agenda appears to indicate that what she has listed as her residence — is in fact a storage unit at Frontier Village Mini Storage! What say YOU Ms. Stone?

“An Author site/blog using Google ads to generate revenue from authors probably isn’t anyone you want to read.”

The Write Agenda

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Accusations Regarding Macallister Stone and Absolute Write: Google Ad Revenue May be Coming From Authors


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