Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC Slams Author P.N. Elrod With a “Another” Cease & Desist Order

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An anonymous source has advised The Write Agenda™ (TWA) that Author P.N. Elrod was hit with “another” cease and desist order.

Apparently, numerous Tate Publishing authors, with Facebook and other electronic services, provided information to Tate Officials which were sent to them from Author P.N. Elrod.  Tate’s Officials and legal team apparently followed Author P.N. Elrod’s activities on line for several months and gathered more than enough documentation to proceed with a civil action against her.

Apparently, Author P. N. Elrod was advised that should she continue her harassment, Tate Publishing would file suit immediately and use the alleged defamatory and inappropriate material against her and her web hosting company in Monterey, California (they would also be named in the lawsuit if required).

The anonymous source further indicated that Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC monitored Author P.N. Elrod’s activities and has complete records of each alleged statement of libel and defamation she has made against the company.  In addition, Tate Publishing apparently also has several authors who wish to be included in the lawsuit against Author P.N. Elrod for contacting them with incorrect, harassing and defaming information allegedly beyond opinion without credible facts.

TWA’s anonymous source stated that Tate Publishing is also aware of additional web site operations which Author P.N. Elrod apparently frequents and observes her statements of libel there as well.  Apparently, Tate’s legal team advised Author P.N. Elrod that that if her actions continue they will contact the legal department with Facebook about her actions, which may violate their standards.

TRW’s source stated that Author P.N. Elrod was given an ultimatum. In order to avoid civil action being filed against her the following was requested to be made within five (5) business days and confirmation to Tate’s legal team’s office: 1) Immediately stop contacting Tate staff, authors and prospective authors concerning Tate Publishing with her alleged defamation of their company and staff; and 2) Delete all current posts on the world-wide web concerning Tate Publishing and do not make any future posts.

TWA’s anonymous source indicated that Author P.N. Elrod sent back a certified copy of the letter noting that she has complied with all the demands. TWA has confirmed that the blogs/post have been removed. Apparently, no further action will be taken by Tate at this time.

TWA’s anonymous source indicated that Tate Publishing has taken this action and is preparing more legal action to those who have made such statements without credible facts.

Stay tuned!

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