Self-Promotion on Writer Beware™ . . . It’s an Everyday Occurance

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Victoria Strauss would like visitors to Writer Beware™ to believe that they “don’t often do self-promotion.” Really? Every page of the Writer Beware™ site is riddled with an Our Latest Books section. Writer Beware™ has always been “the” self-promotion site of choice for Ann “A.C.” Crispin and Victoria Strauss.

To quote Ann “A.C.” Crispin:

“But, to set the record straight, Writer Beware is made up of volunteers, and we DO NOT SOLICIT, NOR ACCEPT DONATIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS for our work. Writer Beware is funded by SFWA, with assistance from MWA, and we’ve also received some help occasionally from RWA. (But if someone is grateful, and wants to say “thank you” for what we do, they might consider buying one of our books.” [Emphasis added]

Self-promotion . . . not bad for a non-profit organization.