Author Jim Hines Running for SFWA Office (but NOT President) . . . Let’s Debate.

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Author Jim Hines Running for SFWA Office (but NOT President) . . . Let’s Debate. He doesn’t want to throw his hat in the ring for the outgoing President position, i.e. John “No Balls” Scalzi. However he’s interested in the  South/Central Regional Director position  . . .  only. You have to read this posting by Jim Hines. There may some clues to current issues with the SFWA:

Does the current administration of the SFWA listen to and represent the membership?

Why hasn’t the organization “moved forward”?

Why is the biggest priority (according to Hines)  is to complete the reincorporation process?

Why is Hines concerned about “eligible writers who have turned away, believing—rightfully or wrongfully—[they] we have nothing to offer, or that [they]are (SFWA) too narrow in the writers we welcome and celebrate in our ranks”?

The deadline for declaring and presenting a platform, was February 16. Who . . . pray tell . . . are the 2013 SFWA Candidates for President?


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