Victoria Strauss: “We don’t report rumors or single complaints” – Really???

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Yesterday, Writer Beware’s Victoria Stauss made the following statement on Twitter:  “We don’t report rumors or single complaints” – Really??? Perhaps a trip down memory lane is needed here. Let’s recall that it was Victoria Strauss (Writer Beware) herself that stated:

“American Book Publishing has been the focus of at least one police investigation.”

This information is posted on both the Writer Beware and on the SFWA sites. Also, notice the key links in the assertion (above):

“ . . . has been the focus of at least one police investigation.”

 We’ve retained Victoria Strauss’ original links to her proposed proofs and/or evidence of this “one” investigation (i.e. “single complaint”). Note that these purported proofs will direct you to blog postings (which are no longer available on the Internet) that have been preserved on the Internet archive . . . The Wayback Machine.  (We’ve reproduced the postings below for your edification below and our postings from the local law enforcement agency in this matter.) Strauss  does not demonstrate the use of primary source material to validate this complaint. Attaching a blog posting from a disgruntled author, while it may lead to primary source material, is not proof that a real investigation ever occurred. Therefore, the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur does not apply to this pitiable attachment.

Once again,  Strauss has called into question the value of Writer Beware’s credibility as a “watchdog.” Considering that the SFWA 2013 election is now upon us, whoever should win (Theodore Beale or Steve Gould), the candidates need to serious evaluate the future value of Writer Beware.


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The Write Agenda’s Postings in response to Victoria Strauss’ & Writer Beware’s Claims

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