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(Part 2 of a 4 part series)

PART II – Perfect Candidate vs. Perfect Patsy

For now, the jury is still out on the 2013 SFWA election. Most importantly, the decision rests solely with those that can actually vote in this process; any of the smears against Theodore Beale that are being posted by non-SFWA members (i.e. “flying monkeys”) are inconsequential.


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Bradley Denton, Steven Gould Announce Engagement

 As the public face for the SFWA, John Scalzi has come out with a show of support for Steven Gould. Considering Scalzi’s ongoing feud with Theodore Beale, it was predictable that this would happen. Nevertheless, Scalzi’s support of Gould, which is obviously transparent and intentionally vague, fails to provide specific examples of Gould’s experiences, if any, in leadership roles. Interestingly, Scalzi even used qualifying language (i.e. “If Steven becomes President . . . .” emphasis added); which may serve to demonstrate his own doubts on whether Gould can actually win the election.

We find it highly unusual that an outgoing President of an organization would endorse a candidate; but not for Scalzi. If you read between the lines, in this endorsement, it appears to be laden with innuendo and a few slams against Beale; albeit indirect. What are the take-aways (hidden agenda) from his endorsement of Gould? Let’s make some assumptions from Scalzi’s childish schoolyard endorsement:

Scalzi: “Steven Gould has announced that he is running for the position. This makes me happy, and I fully and unreservedly endorse him for president of SFWA.”

Assumption 1: Theodore Beale is running for SFWA President and this makes “Johnny” Scalzi very unhappy.

Scalzi: “I’ve known Steve . . . as a friend . . . .”

Assumption 2: “Johnny” Scalzi doesn’t “know” Theodore Beale. He’s not a friend of “Johnny” Scalzi’s and he shouldn’t be your friend either.

Scalzi: “Steve is very simply a person I trust . . . .”

Assumption 1: “Johnny” Scalzi doesn’t trust Theodore Beale nor should you.

Scalzi: “He’s (Gould) a grown-up . . . .”

Assumption 3: Theodore Beale isn’t grown up.

Scalzi: “Steve Gould is my friend . . . .”

Assumption 4: Theodore Beale is not “Johnny” Scalzi’s friend and he shouldn’t be your’s.

Scalzi: “He (Gould) has my vote, and if you are SFWA member, I hope that you will give him your vote as well.”

Assumption 5: Don’t vote for Theodore Beale.

It’s awesome intrigue devised by Scalzi.  Coming from an outgoing President of a non-profit organization . . .  how grown up little “Johnny” is!

Beale has plenty of time to appeal to the undecided and untainted SFWA voters . . . and contrary to popular belief . . . there’s a lot of them! More importantly, he has the opportunity to appeal to the SFWA members that have not voted in the past. Therefore, Theodore Beale could ultimately bring John Scalzi’s, Victoria Strauss’ and their minions worst fear to fulfillment. That is, Theodore Beale winning the 2013 SFWA election and being named the President of the SFWA.

Theodore Beale is a Threat to Victoria Strauss and Possibly to Writer Beware

 “SFWA members: this year it’s IMPORTANT to vote in the upcoming officer elections. Theodore Beale, a.k.a. Vox Day, is running for SFWA President. If you know the name, you’ll know why that’s scary. If you don’t, read the post below… My cat would be the better choice. And my cat is dead.” [Emphasis added]

 Victoria Strauss on Facebook 2/1/13

“If he did win, he’d be like the dog that caught the car–Holy shit. This wasn’t supposed to happen. What do I do now?

Victoria Strauss

Considering that Victoria Strauss came out in swinging in opposition (she may very well have been the first to do so publicly against Beale), the unfair commentary by Strauss (and others) may be sufficient enough to sway opposing factions within the SFWA to actually put Beale into office. Frankly, Beale should be flattered by all of the attention that he has garnered. It’s clearly an indication that supports his validity as a real candidate.


Part III: John Scalzi Was No Moses – Evaluation of Leadership & the Potential to Lead


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