Theodore Beale Still Looking “Presidential”: How Not to be SFWA President II

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We’re pleased to see Theodore Beale engaged once again as a candidate for the 2013 SFWA Presidency. He’s starting to look more and more “Presidential.” For those of you who would like to see it, it’s here. We applaud Mr. Beale for being active in this 2013 SFWA Election process. We’d like to hear more from Steven Gould but he still has not come out yet; and he’s really starting to look like an embarrassment. Seriously Mr. Gould, do you honestly think that you can just toss your hat into the ring, retain a self-serving endorsement from John Scalzi and actually win? The Write Agenda is fairly confident that the next President of the SFWA will not be elected by a mere 11% of the membership (as was Scalzi). This is anticipated to be a very active electorate process and a much closer race than anticipated. Steven Gould has yet to give the slightest indication that he’s actually a contender for this position. Gould should realize that Scalzi’s prior election strategies (i.e. the anticipation of low voter turnout) and submitting a vague platform will not work for him in the 2013 election.


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