In 2013 SFWA Elections, 2013 SFWA Presidential Election, The Write Agenda, Theodore Beale, Victoria Strauss, Vox Day, Whatever, Writer Beware, Writer Beware & Others on April 9, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Anonymous sources have indicated to The Write Agenda™ that the voting in the 2013 election has reached a level that the SFWA hasn’t seen in decades. Stay tuned for the results. This seems to be indicative of the relative silence on the election by its current President (John Scalzi), Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware™. However, it’s interesting to note that Victoria Strauss and 2013 SFWA Presidential Candidate, Steven Gould, are hooking up. Hey Vicky! Where’s your invitation to the other 2013 SFWA Candidate . . .  Theodore Beale? Surely you’re not bias are you? That’s right, you don’t like Theodore Beale.