2013 SFWA ELECTION COVERAGE: How Not to Gracefully Exit as a SFWA President

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“For those who are arriving late to all this, the Gamma Rabbit character is a mockery of the label that rightwing blogger Vox Day assigned to Scalzi a few weeks ago. On the surface the illustration is merely a satirical rebuttal; but things are never so straightforward where John Scalzi is concerned.John’s deeper purposes become clear when one reads the blog post that accompanies the illustration. For Gamma Rabbit is a Trojan Bunny of sorts, a distracting vehicle that masks even more self-aggrandizement and clever evasion on the sci-fi author’s part:

 Yes, Gamma Rabbit, who likes people as they are, fears no one no matter how they live their lives, and who is comfortable with himself and his own personal values of kindness, tolerance and diversity. Sure, there are some who look down on him and his ways, but you know what? Gamma Rabbit knows that those people are kooky, silly, wacky racist sexist homophobic dipshits…”

Outgoing SFWA President, John Scalzi, continues to demonstrate his childish behavior and disdain for 2013 SFWA Presidential Candidate, Theodore Beale. Start here to see what we are referring to. Yes, he really did register “” See here and/or below:


Suffice to say, another embarrassment for the SFWA . . .  Grow up Scalzi. Please vote for Theodore Beale for SFWA President!


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