Victoria Strauss’ “Passion Blue” . . . The Negative Reviews Are Rolling In

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“First, the author consistently uses the derogatory term “bastard” when what she means is the legal term ‘illegitimate’. ‘Bastard’ is a word that is intended to be a slur, to deliberately cause offense. The word ‘bastard’ has absolutely no place in a book aimed at young people. Why the author chose to use such an offensive term is anyone’s guess.” [Emphasis added.]

[TWA Note: Yes, and she likes to use the word “fuck” a lot too. Read here. Also, we warned parents about Victoria Strauss here.]

“My high school senior daughter did not enjoy Passion Blue. She tried reading it but it didn’t interest her so she never got much further than a chapter or two. I guess this is bound to happen at times.” [Emphasis added.]

” . . . This is someone so dumb she spends her life savings to buy a ‘magic’ talisman she thinks is guaranteed to find her a man to take care of her. And then even when it should be obvious the guy is a jerk, she still convinces herself he’s not right up until the end. As for the convent it seems more like summer camp or boarding school than an actual convent. The end also takes too long after we get to the foregone unsatisfying conclusion. Overall it was . . . unsatisfying.”[Emphasis added.]

“I would have liked to see some deeper development of characters.”

[TWA Note: You would think that Strauss would have developed this skill my now . . .  right?]

“Read the first five chapters, got bored, read the last two, and didn’t feel like I missed a thing. I know characters need a motive for doing things, but that’s no reason to beat the reader over the head with it!”

“I picked this up intrigued by the idea of the inner society of nuns and their work, but it ended up reading more like a fantasy novel. Not much depth and very little historical detail or feeling.”

“The story got boring for me and I had put it down for a few weeks, hoping that I could pick it back up and resume reading it, but my interest for it was lost.  And you know that when you get bored, you skip a few pages to see if things pick up?  Well, yeah.  I did that and also happened to spoil the rest of the book for myself and then the book was just completely ruined for me.  Sure, I’ve spoiled the endings of books I’ve read before, but no matter how hard I tried to keep my attention on to the page, I couldn’t do it.  Reading became arduous for me, and that’s not the reason why I read.  I’ve read and loved contemporaries before, so I can’t blame Passion Blue for the lack of action the reason why I didn’t like it.” [Emphasis added.]

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