An Alternative to the SFWA: The Society for the Advancement of Speculative Fiction (SASS)

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“A new organization for people who don’t want to put up with the PC bullshit.”

– Lou Antonelli

SASS was incorporated as a non-profit group in the State of Texas on July 30, 2012. The mailing address of SASS is: PO Box 85 Denton, TX 76202

Mission Statement:
The Society for the Advancement of Speculative Fiction (SASS) is a non-profit group dedicated to encouraging and mentoring aspiring and new authors of speculative fiction. Speculative fiction encompasses science fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history and similar literary genres. It is not intended primarily as an organization for professional authors, although they are welcome as members.Instead SASS is geared towards anyone who has a serious interest in speculative fiction and wants to learn and grow as a author in a congenial atmosphere. Membership is open to unpublished, published and self-published authors. A mix of authors at different levels of achievement is intended to foster writing skills and stimulate creative talents among members. It is a group drawn together solely for furthering the common interest of its members in the love of authoring speculative fiction. Speculative fiction editors (and associated equivalents for other media) are also welcome to join.

SASS expressly disavows any socio-political goals while asserting the right of its members to discuss and explore any and all subjects in speculative storytelling. Overt ideological or political proselytizing of any sort is discouraged, for the sake of organizational amity. SASS prohibits any discussion of politics, religion or any similar personal beliefs under its auspices, and membership is revocable for any such “breach of the peace”.

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