UPDATED 05/09/13 – Protected: The “Victoria Strauss” Files . . . Yes, Here We Go! Hey TWA Members . . . This is pretty wicked … excellent job on the videos! WOW. The audio was perfect. Thank you! We love the Randy Dotinga audio! OMG! Can you say BUSTED????

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Hey TWA Members . . . this is pretty wicked … excellent job on the videos! WOW. The audio was perfect. LG <<HUGS>>

Timing will be of the essence . . . Strauss & Dotinga made the case. Dotinga . . .  OMG what a dumb ass! ROTFL . . . We’ll post this at the right time. ((This was really  . . . REALLY . . .  good work!!!)

TWA12009878: “When will Strauss ever learn that she is a meaningless SOB?  This is awesome stuff! Perfect timing TWA. You guys rock! “

TWA13409998: TWA are you serious? LOL! You guys are awesome. Scalzi is a butt fuck! I’m cancelling my SFWA membership.I knew that there was more to this. Who the hell elects a President on less than 50% of the total membership?

TWA268409998: Lizzy! Are you serious? Well done! Miriam . . . this was an awesome job done by your crew. Was that really Strauss babbling? That was the best.

TWA2684882958: I’ll keep this short. TWA gets it. The SFWA is fucked up! 

TWA71433382: Why is Dotinga kissing Victoria Strauss’ ass? What’s in for him? You guys are really on something here. I had doubts but you’ve illustrated the voting patterns of the SFWA; these are very strange incidents. These are some really self-serving bitches here. TWA . . .  you nailed it. 

TWA71891275538: TWA, you warned Strauss about “karma,” . . . I’m a believer! So much irony. Crispin is dying, she previously sprained her ankle and Strauss raised the issue about karma? Oooo. . . Stauss . . . well  . . . let’s just watch. Thank you TWA!

TWA72891227538: Miriam, as you know, I’m a SFWA Member. I do appreciate the time that we spent together in NYC. This is very alarming. Shocking may be a better word.  TWA13409998 may have it right. Electing a president of an organization on less that 50% of the membership vote is a problem. So, Gould posts a “platform” and doesn’t campaign and gets elected? There’s issues here. Serious issues. TWA, keep up the good work! The new buzz word with these self-serving “weinerdogs” is “wing nuts.” Be proud. The fact that they acknowledge you proves that you are a force . . . otherwise  they would ignore you; they don’t.

TWA6145122333614: LOL, TWA you obviously struck a nerve. It’s so interesting that Victoria Strauss, Ann Crispin and Writer Beware have never commented on the Charles Petit case. He was their attorney and it was a publishing scam. I will not be renewing my SFWA membership. Thank you for sharing this.

If you are a member . . . click below. LOL Enjoy!