Cleo Voght! Who Are you? . . . Victoria Strauss Must be Drinking Kool-Aid

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This is quite comical and on the verge of paranoia. Cleo Voght, whoever you are, please contact us confidentially here. LOL. Northern Indiana? Miss Vicky must be sharing an IV with the soon to be DEAD Ann “A.C.” Crispin. Seriously Victoria?

  • We’ve never contacted you . . . we have our own blog; we will FREELY continue to challenge you here.
  • True, you are not a “very-successful author.” Your books suck! True?
  • You DO bash people without facts. PROVEN
  • “Most of your bullshit is just a bitch with an angry opinion.” AGREE!
  • You are NOT a best-selling author. PROVEN!

These statements that have been attributed to The Write Agenda by the delusions of Victoria Strauss are nothing new; we’ve proudly made similar statements about Victoria Strauss. The author of this email never stated that he/she was affiliated with The Write Agenda. However, Victoria Strauss somehow attributed it to The Write Agenda. There would be no reason for The Write Agenda to contact Victoria Strauss covertly . . . we do it here on May this serve as another example of Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin & Writer Beware posting false information.

And, why is Victoria Strauss suddenly in “protective” mode? Ponder friends . . . do ponder.


Here’s the entire message:


cleo voght


I contacted you once about a publishing issue and I almost thought you
knew what you were talking about. Before I took your council, I did my
own research. It turns out that you are a not-very-successful author
so you ply your craft bashing people in the industry with your
“opinions” and they are not fact based. I am also a journalist who has
been watching your Obama-like “I can say anything & the idiots have to
believe it” rhetoric. Your time has come. The internet is a powerful
tool. I have dozens and dozens of files on how rediculos your biased
opinions are. You are about to get exposed – BIGTIME. You think you
can slander people & companies with no recourse? Get ready. You call
yourself an author & watchdog. Get real, you are a bitter wanabe so
you use this as your payback for being a non sequietur in publishing.
You are right on a few “savior” efforts but most of your bullshit is
just a bitch with an angry opinion. GET READY – LOTS OF DATA COMING
ABOUT YOU & YOUR MOTIVATION. Oh wait – did I see you on a bestseller
list this month? Oppps NO……..

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