Author Victoria Strauss; Garnering the Brain Dead & The Under Informed

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You have to go here first, (click the link) READ THIS:

Cleo Voght! Who Are you? . . . Victoria Strauss Must be Drinking Kool-Aid

Then read the comments (below); note also who the entries are from. For example, Steven Gould, Richard White, MacAllister StoneMichael Capobianco (the dying Ann “A.C.” Crispin’s Husband), Randy Dotinga, Rachael Saltzman, Brett T. Mazzoni ( a real loser), Jenna Glatzer (LOL! Jenna Glatzer . . . how dare you even mention Internet harassment!), and the Queen of the Cease & Desist Orders . . . P.n. Elrod. The best thing is that we didn’t write the post that Victoria Strauss is referring to. Victoria, Ann, Randy, Richard,  MacAllister, and Glazer . . .  we’ll just continue to keep our comments here. Have some more Kool-Aid.

They just can’t ignore The Write Agenda and when there’s nothing going on . . .  they just make up stuff.