Lisa L. Spangenberg: Fact or Fiction?

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The Write Agenda received this on our “tip line” today. Fact or Fiction? Let us know your thoughts on this here. [TWA members & T.W.A.N.G, additional info here.]


From a tip on Alexa: Lisa L. Spangenberg is the real admin and owner of Absolute Write, she runs the show and not the phony Macallister Stone. Note on her blog, and elsewhere, that she lives in Seattle area:

But when you learn of her husband, Michael Cohen (see proof below) who lives in Santa Monica, investigative searching takes you to:

Well, what do you know! Lisa Spangenberg in Santa Monica. Yes, that’s her. The AW Big Cheese, hiding out in Santa Monica while pretending to be in Seattle. She notes a PO Box in Seattle area just for show. And we know Macallister Stone’s address is a storage place. Has anyone ever seen Macallister Stone? Has she ever attended a writer’s conference? No, and no. She has no real existence. There is one photograph associated with her name on Flickr, that’s it. There is a blog which stopped running years ago, probably because Lisa got tired of keeping it going. What better way to take the heat off oneself for lawsuits if people don’t know where you live, and don’t even know you are the real admin/owner of the site.

If you do a WhoIs of Absolute Write you’ll see further obfuscation. Corespace is simply the hoster, not the owner of the domain. This is in violation of ICANN rules regarding true identity of domain ownership.

And further, on her Linked In profile, NOTE AS FOLLOWS:

Self-Employed/Written In Stone (SHE SAYS “Written in Stone” – Macallister Stone? This is part of the Stone pseudo she created)

(and below is a “recommendation” for her talents from a guy named Michael Cohen–well, that’s her husband! Note further her pitch for herself as running Absolute Write)

1 recommendation

Michael Cohen
Contributor at TidBITS Publishing Inc.

I collaborated with Lisa on *The iPad Project Book*. The book was not part of any series, the topic was a new one to us, and the production schedule was tight. Lisa confronted these challenges with determination, inventiveness, and, that most…View

Sys Admin and Webmaster
Absolute Write
May 2006 – Present (7 years 2 months)

I am an Admin for the writing forums, and the Webmaster.

Note also, on an early post on Absolute Write, Lisa Spangenberg, in her pseudo as Medievalist, called herself “Medievalist Cultus Gopherus MacAllister” … This is when Glatzner was running things. When Glatzner bowed out, Macallister and Medievalist did a cell split and became two personalities. Surprise!

Here is the post:

So, you have the old name above with Macallister in it, then you have her Linked In motto, “written in stone” and what do you have as cute pseudo: Macallister Stone.

Add up the hiding of her real address which corresponds to Michael Cohen’s address in Santa Monica:

And you have what? Again. Someone trying hard to hide what they really do and where they really live. Why else except to maintain anonymity and avoid lawsuits or retaliation on the part of people she has viciously attacked, and with two personalities.