Florida Attorney General Investigated by the Florida State Inspector General – Strategic Book Publishing Prepares Countersuits.

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The State of Florida Inspector General conducted an investigation into the internal affairs of the Florida Attorney General’s office and found the following improprieties.  These exact statements are quoted below. (The full text of the investigation can be found here

Strategic Book Group’s President, Mr. Robert Fletcher, stated the following to The Write Agenda, “given the above facts and statements from the Florida State Inspector General, not only do we expect our reputation to be cleared, we are preparing Abuse of Process and Defamation countersuits against the Attorney General and the terminated attorney that filed the suit against us, Ms. Theresa Edwards.   Our countersuit(s) will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that we were wronged and suffered great mental and financial harm.”

Highlights from the Florida Inspector General’s statements:

 … Improperly acting under your cloak of your authority as law enforcement officials by publicly vilifying companies based on unconfirmed evidence during the pendency of an ongoing investigation in which you have not completely collected or reviewed the relevant evidence, let alone made any charging decision regarding the company.  This is a violation of basic principles of due process and may certainly rise to the level of questionable behavior under the Florida Attorney General’s own protocols.

 … “You have acted as judge and jury with written publications of your conclusions, absent a complete review of evidence… at a minimum you have tainted the investigation and anything that follows.

 ...  allegations of requests to falsify evidence. 

 … improper identification and analysis of legal issues;

 … judgment in discussing matters related to pending investigations with third parties;

 … unfairly harming the target or misleading whoever is receiving the information;

 … labeling activities as crimes unfairly;

 … cases were a total mess lacking any investigative effort;

 … your attorneys didn’t know what they were talking about;

 … complaint totally flawed;

 … never bothering to check if there was any legal authority which supported their theory; 

 … dismay about putting on the Internet incorrect information;

 … lack of documentation to support a case;                   

 … unresponsive to opposing counsel,

 … sending material straight out to the blogosphere,

 … drum up attention in the media to bring extra pressure on the case,

 … embarrassing to the State of Florida,

 … a complete violation of trust,

 … no evidence to warrant opening half of their cases,

 … issues that could have been recognized earlier if management at the time was paying attention,

 … management not as focused on the details,

 … good reviews given to fired employees,

… “there’s things that’s been done that just does not appear ethical, it does not appear right and I’m uncomfortable doing certain things.” 

 … Problematic to have an incorrect target listed on the Internet, riddled with inaccuracies, unfair statements, and specious inferences regarding …

… The fact that you would make statements concluding that any company or individual is guilty of criminal misconduct during an ongoing, purportedly confidential, civil investigation is at best irresponsible.