In this Torah portion, in Honor of Miriam the Prophetess

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Miriam: Tambourines of Rebellion

The other meaning of Miriam’s name is “rebellion” (from the root meri).

According to the Midrash, Miriam was called Puah due to another episode. “She revealed her face brazenly (from the root hofiya) against Pharaoh pronouncing, ‘Woe to this man, when G-d avenges him!’

Miriam valiantly stood up to the mightiest ruler on earth, audaciously rebuking him for his cruelty to her people. This was Miriam, the mother of rebellion. Rebelling against the status quo, fighting against apathy and cruelty.

This was the strength of Miriam. A feminine strength born out from bitterness; a faith sewed amidst despair. This was the strength of the women who left Egypt, equipped with tambourines and dances of joy and faith. And this is the strength of all women.

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