Victoria Strauss . . . Book Sales Records Updated

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Hello Friends!

It’s been awhile since we’ve looked at the Amazon Sales Rankings of “Author,” self-proclaimed “Scam Hunter,”* and unceremoniously released Harper Collins author . . . Victoria Strauss.

The Garden of the Stone


Passion Blue

828,911 (Our  Passion Blew II (Passion Blew II: The Case Against Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin . Writer Beware & Others is right behind Strauss’ Passion Blue. )

The Burning Land


Awakened City


The Arm of the Stone


Guardian of the Hills




Lady of Rhuddesme


Amazon Rankings 

Rank Copies Sold/day
1 3000
10 650
100 100
1000 13
10,000 2.2 (11 copies every 5 days)
100,000 0.2 (1 copy every 5 days)
1,000,000 0.006 (3 copies every 500 days)
2,000,000 0.0001 (1 copy every 1000 days) 

Do you really choose to get your “publishing” information from an “author” that has not proven her validity in the publishing market? Strauss may be a “hero” within the Kool-Aid drinking . . . Flying monkey community. However, in terms of mass market appeal . . . i.e., the actual  “reading” community . . .  the individuals that really “buy” books . . . not the sympathetic purchases from the Flying Monkeys . . . Strauss has been and continues to be a literary flop! Strauss has yet to show her royalty statements (like Jim Hines has) and validate her status as an author that should be taken seriously.

*Note that the scam hunting is selective . . . they (Victoria Strauss, Ann “A.C.” Crispin, Writer Beware and the SFWA do not report the publishing scams that were perpetrated by their own attorney. See John Steinbeck Family Defrauded by Writer Beware™ & SFWA Attorney: The 2007 Scam that Writer Beware™ Didn’t Report . . . Why?