Macallister Stone or Lisa L. Spangenberg?

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Macallister Stone or Lisa L. Spangenberg?

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June 22, 2013

For all those who don’t know who Macallister Stone is, we featured her on our post, The Banning of Robin Sullivan where she banned Robin for making a point on an AW forum and backing it up with facts and figures.  When she banned her, her ban message said:


As it turns out, the point that Robin made was correct and has been proven two years later since this all went down.  So, basically, Mac banned her because she didn’t want to hear what Robin had to say.

Okay, so… why are we bringing this up?  Because we just received a link to a site called The Write Agenda (who btw have an entire category dedicated to uncle Jimmy Boy) that has apparently discovered Macallister Stone’s real identity.  The title of the post is Lisa L. Spangenberg: Fact or Fiction?  The post starts off saying:

From a tip on Alexa: Lisa L. Spangenberg is the real admin and owner of Absolute Write, she runs the show and not the phony Macallister Stone. Note on her blog, and elsewhere, that she lives in Seattle area:

But when you learn of her husband, Michael Cohen (see proof below) who lives in Santa Monica, investigative searching takes you to:

Well, what do you know! Lisa Spangenberg in Santa Monica. Yes, that’s her. The AW Big Cheese, hiding out in Santa Monica while pretending to be in Seattle. She notes a PO Box in Seattle area just for show. And we know Macallister Stone’s address is a storage place. Has anyone ever seen Macallister Stone? Has she ever attended a writer’s conference? No, and no. She has no real existence. There is one photograph associated with her name on Flickr, that’s it. There is a blogwhich stopped running years ago, probably because Lisa got tired of keeping it going. What better way to take the heat off oneself for lawsuits if people don’t know where you live, and don’t even know you are the real admin/owner of the site.

To read more, go to this link.

We thought this would be of interest to some of our site visitors who’ve been viciously attacked by Mac/Lisa in the past.  If you have grounds for a lawsuit, now you know where to serve her papers.


An addendum:

This just keeps getting better and better!

If you go to Lisa L. Spangenberg’s GR profile, you will see a few familiar names.  First, the people Lisa follows:


And then the people who are her “fans”:


Actually, one particular “fan” of interest:


If you check out Mac’s profile, you will again see some familiar names when you look at the people she follows (three of which on our Biggest Offenders list):


But wait!  There’s more!

Check out Mac’s ratings/reviews of Lisa’s books, here:


And here:


And there you have it folks!  If anyone asks you about the connection between Absolute Write and the GR bullies, this is it!