Steven Gould, SFWA President, Unable to Produce Double-secret “SFWA Confidentiality Rules”

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“Steven Gould, the President, were able to provide me with any evidence for the existence of the double-secret “SFWA Confidentiality Rules” to which they had both appealed.”

Theodore Beale

See “Response: part I” on Beale’s Blog site. 4% of the SFW membership is behind this effort; a very easily identified group to expose.

Yet, recent tweets by SFWA President, Steven Gould, appear to mock exactly what he trying to enforce:

Like this “retweet” (Hmm . . . humor in censorship?)


Or this stunning reflection on “elected” officials . . .  how’s that for calling the kettle black?


Remember, it was SFWA President, Steven Gould and How He Treated a SFWA Member Before He Was in Office that is significant here. This Twitter post just speaks for itself. Do you think that SFWA President, Steven Gould had an “agenda” against author and SFWA Presidential candidate Theodore Beale before he took office? He posted this on Twitter 17 days before his term as SFWA President began. Sound like a Scalzi clone? Predisposed? Run members of of SFWA . . .quit now! Gould took office on July 1, 2013.