Ann “A.C.” Crispin Near Death

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The Hate Quotes of Ann “A.C.” Crispin:

“It amazes me that PA is still managing to get newbie writers to swallow their own vile brand of Kool-Ade. I just hope that someday they’ll go out of business, or be taken down by the authorities.” (August 1, 2011, P.N. Elrod’s Facebook Page.)

– Ann “A.C.”  Crispin

“Maybe PA will manage to piss off Al Queda or the Moonies or L. Ron Hubbard’s scions. We can only hope.” (August 1, 2011, P.N. Elrod’s Facebook Page.)

– Ann “A.C.”  Crispin

“You might want to check out The Write Agenda site. It’s a hate site, and nothing else, set up by people with an axe to grind against Writer Beware ( If these people are who we think they are, allying yourself with them would not redound to your credit in the courts, since they’re already in considerable trouble with the authorities. (July 16, 2011, GoodReads)

– Ann “A.C.”  Crispin