Comments on Victoria Strauss (Post Ann “A.C.” Crispin’s DEATH) . . . Ongoing

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The death & toasting of Ann “A.C.” Crispin has generated much debate within The Write Agenda (TWA) followers & supporters (Yes, TWA really does have supporters; there are many people that despise Victoria Strauss too  . . . samples here). The death of Ann “A.C.” Crispin has put Victoria Strauss & the future of Writer Beware under scrutiny. The post-death postings of Writer Beware (i.e. Victoria Strauss) have been a joke and are nothing more than hurried uninformative postings; nothing that an inquiring author could locate via a Google search. Therefore, we’d like to start a post and begin sharing your emails regarding Victoria Strauss, her “authorship” & Writer Beware. Enjoy.

Victoria Strauss does have a lack of taste & class, her monotonous dealings with persons suffering with pre-Freudian complexes, the way she has of wallowing in the tragic misadventures of human dignity — all this is difficult to admire.

Victoria Strauss & Writer Beware, that strange menagerie of complacent hypocrites and idiots, of theatrical cheap-john heroes and heroines, who are always showing off, of bad people who are not interesting . . . . boring and fatiguing.

For in point of style, or manner, or whatever, it is difficult to imagine anything much worse than the prose of Victoria Strauss. It is ugliness and awkwardness incarnate. Did she always write so badly as an author and for Writer Beware . . .  where is the investigative “journalism” ?

TWA, Victoria Strauss is neither going to agree to any public appearance with you nor is she going to agree to do a YouTube video. You’ve hit the nail on the head: She’s publically shy, reclusive and will only come out of her Amherst, MA confines if, and only if, there is some sort of gratuitous award for her. And, this claim of “death threats” . . . seriously? She’d commit suicide long before that. Her history of depression and long list of literary flops clearly indicates that nature will take its course; no one will notice except the flying monkey.