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WANTED: Macallister Stone & Lisa L. Spangenberg Pictures . . . Threesomes or More!
Victoria Strauss
Author Boycott List (Revised 05/28/13)
This Just Has to Piss Victoria Strauss Off: The Power of
No Shit Victoria Strauss; You Should Take Your Own Advice!
The Diminishing “Power” of Victoria Strauss . . . Only 5 People Acknowledge the Death of Ann “A.C. ” Crispin
Author Watch – Best Sellers – April 7, 2012
How Pathetic Can Preditors & Editors (P & E) David L. Kuzminski Be? . . . Revisited
John Steinbeck Family Defrauded by Writer Beware™ & SFWA Attorney: The 2007 Scam that Writer Beware™ Didn’t Report . . . Why?
Are you sure that you want your wife (or daughter) to go to that James D. Macdonald writer seminar?