Lisa Spangenberg Helps Author P.N. Elrod Beg for Money from Authors . . . It’s a Dog’s World

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So, the “multi-talented” P.N. Elrod’s royalty income doesn’t meet her life expenses. Begging from authors; not cool. You can read all about it here. Think about it . . .  if she was really so damn “multi-talented,” she wouldn’t have to beg you for money. This whole saga is reminiscent of stupid people that should not procreate. Likewise, some stupid people should not own pets especally if you cannot afford to care for them in the first place; to wit:

  • Ongoing medical concerns due to old age. 
  • A sudden onset of canine vestibular disorder shot the vet bills up into 4-figure territory last spring.  
  • Elrod did crowd funding to pay that down, but did not raise the full amount.
  • P. N. Elrod has 2 mortgages 
  • Fuzzy, “the dog,” had to have eye surgery in August.
  • She, Fuzzy the dog, had mineralizing keratopathy — holes in her corneas — and needed a conjunctival free graft to cover them. It was that or both her eyeballs would rupture–that was the word the vet used, rupture–and she would be in extreme pain and lose both eyes.
  • But the vet bill tripled. P.N. Elrod claims that it’s more than she gets for an advance on a book.

P.N. Elrod cannot afford this medical care for her beloved pet . . .  and that’s where you come in author. We’re sure you have your own “critique” of Elrod’s pathetic venture; let her know how you feel.

It seems that it would be the better part of wisdom to either put Fuzzy to sleep or give it to someone that CAN pay the medical bills. Begging authors for money for your dog is just as pathetic as begging authors to defend a lawsuit against you!

It’s so damn ironic that people like Spangenberg & Elrod will complain about scams perpetrated against authors. Yet, they think that it’s OK to beg authors for money to care for a damn dog. Read on  . . . this isn’t their first SCAM,

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