Dues Paying Member of SFWA (Comments)

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2014 at 10:52 pm

“I’ve followed Writer Beware since its inception. Conceptually, it has been a great idea and they have accomplished some great things. However, as a dues paying member of the SFWA I’ve had issues with Crispin and Strauss using the site as a marketing tool. The SFWA is a not-for-profit organization; Crispin and Strauss have, as The Write Agenda has indicated, pressured followers to purchase their books as a ‘sign of support’ for their volunteerism. BULL SHIT! This is wrong and they know it’s wrong. However, it’s not that it really matters because only a small group of worshippers have actually bought into this marketing ploy. Neither Crispin nor Strauss have become household names resulting from this activity. Crispin had her 15 minutes of fame and now her flame has burned out; Strauss, now beyond middle-age, dreams of just having a public spark. Strauss is wiped out and has little chance of redeeming herself. I agree with the post regarding the ‘public’ Victoria Strauss . . . is really is not pretty. She may be able to maintain Writer Beware as a recluse but to build credibility beyond the comfort of her home in Amherst, MA . . . it’s probably not going to happen. Crispin and Strauss both have maintained independent sites; that’s where you market your book . . . not on a not-for-profit site. I’m also very concerned about the selective ‘reporting’ of Writer Beware. For example, an attorney retained by the SFWA commits fraud and it’s swept under the table; not reported by Crispin or Strauss? The American Book Publishing story by Strauss . . . so what? A ‘police investigation’ that may have actually been fabricated by Strauss herself? The Write Agenda caught my attention when you contacted all of the police organizations in the jurisdiction and found nothing to substantiate Strauss’ claims. I’m a loyalist by nature; with personal difficulty I commend The Write Agenda for calling out Crispin and Strauss to be honest. The SFWA is beyond housecleaning; John Scalzi is a putz, Crispin & Strauss  . . . self-serving and new President Steven Gould . . . G-d help us . . . Gould truly is the rectal spawn, of former SFWA President, John Scalzi that was fertilized by author James C. Hines. I will not be renewing my SFWA membership.”

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