Victoria Strauss & Writer Beware Have BIG Shoes to Fill (Comments)

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2014 at 10:58 pm

“Strauss has BIG shoes to fill and obviously The Write Agenda has become public enemy #1 to Strauss & Co. The death of Crispin is a historical benchmark and a pinnacle turning point for the future of Writer Beware. The Write Agenda has obliviously intimidated the living shit out of Victoria Strauss! Savor the moment The Write Agenda. Victoria Strauss should have ignored you . . . she didn’t. I agree with the other commentators . . . the death of Writer Beware is foreseeable, Strauss avoids facts, Strauss uses ad hominem tactics, avoids real issues (hmm like Charlie Petit?) and makes personal arguments against an opponent instead of against their argument. Strauss doesn’t have the moxey to publically represent Writer Beware in a fashion anything near to Crispin. She had to comment to save her face. Thank you The Write Agenda!!!! When a person is ‘saving face,’ they are struggling to keep their reputation and the respect of other people . . .  clearly The Write Agenda has injured Writer Beware and Victoria Strauss.”

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