John Scalzi: Andrew Burt’s, Preditors & Editors, Publishing Record, or Lack Thereof

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“Andrew Burt . . . in my opinion [has] pretty clearly shown he’s absolutely and utterly incapable of recognizing his own incompetence, or the damage he’s done to the organization; really, what would have surprised me is if he hadn’t run. However, I can and will [sic] blame my fellow SFWAns if the man is actually elected president. Because I assume, hope and pray they are not as incompetent as he.”

Why would you, as a writer, trust someone who has never signed a book contract with a science fiction publisher to engage in fruitful discussion with science fiction publishers about your professional concerns as a writer? Why would you, as a writer, trust someone who has barely any experience as a writer to move the organization in a direction that is relevant to your professional career? Equally importantly, if you were a brand-spanking-new science fiction writer, with your very first book contract in hand, why on earth would you join a professional writer’s organization whose president has less personal experience with book contracts than you do?”

John Scalzi, Former SWWA President

Comments on Andrew Burt

More information Why The NEW Preditors & Editors Will NOT SurviveRecently filed documents (February 6, 2014)  indicate that Preditors & Editors is actually now a real Colorado non-profit organization. Questions were raised previously when Kuzminski, who was being sued for defamation, was begging … BEGGING . . .  readers/authors to financially support and donate to his legal defense fund).  Andrew Burt will be running the site now. Burt has a long history an affiliation with the SFWA and Victoria Strauss. However, former SFWA President, John Scalzi, certainly had a crystal ball when he commented on Burt in 2008 and his “reputation” not only in SF, SFWA  . . .  in general:

Read Andrew Burt and check your gut!

[Note: Scalzi’s right; this guy (Andrew Burt) has not accomplished anything! How did he ever become a SFWA VP?  His fiction . . . seriously? Outdated stories? Now he wants you to donate to Preditors & Editors? This guy’s a bigger Meshugener than David Lee Kuzminski ever was. ] 

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