Steven Gould: The Unconvincing President of the SFWA . . . Inept and Dishonest @StevenGould

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I would like to point out that . . . neither I nor any other officer or director of this organization has been slandering, libeling, or organizing against that person–I would certainly have heard about it. When asked for specifics, the author replied that it would be unprofessional to name those who had.” (Emphasis added)

Steven Gould

President, SFWA

It’s not that Steven Gould, officers and/or directors slander, libel and organized against “that individual” . . . it’s the selective slandering, libeling, or organizing against persons that they are most guilty of.

Steven Gould: The Unconvincing President of the SFWA . . .  Inept and Dishonest

“This proves Stephen Gould to be a blatant liar. The SFWA clearly monitors and controls what both members and non-members say on their personal blogs and other public spaces. Of course, the SFWA has tried to bury this report, so perhaps Mr. Gould thought that he could get away with telling outright lies.”

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