Literary Agent Links Lee Goldberg to Breakfast Table & as Passenger in James Strauss’ Vehicle – @leegoldberg

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“Mr. Goldberg, I not only attended the “Love Is Murder Conference” where you spoke, but I shared breakfast with you and James Strauss after he invited you to join us. (Strauss picked up the tab). Things were very congenial between you as you shared various stories about ‘the business’, laughing over personal anecdotes.  Later in the conference, he introduced you at the LIM gathering of writers after giving you a generous and glowing introduction.  At the close of the conference, he offered to give you a ride to the airport, which you accepted. I watched him drive up in his Mercedes and pick you up… I can’t help but wonder, Mr. Goldberg, what kind of person it takes to return kindness with such a vicious personal and professional attack. Have you become one of the sociopaths you writing about? Or are you on an obsessive power trip where you’ve become judge, jury and executioner!  For the record, I’ve known James Strauss since he was the closing Keynote Speaker at the Maui Writers Conference many years ago and believe me, he is more real than you can ever know…”

Susan Crawford

Crawford Literary Agency

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