The SFWA & Steven Gould: The Demise of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

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A group that gathers together can also move apart, and even while together, the union is not compete; an examination of the SFWA voting history clearly supports the notion that it has become segregated. There doesn’t appear to be any spirit of unity. What, if anything, binds and unifies the members of the current SFWA? How defunct is an organization where its President . . . is elected on only 11% of the entire possible vote?”

The Write Agenda

“Funny how the SFWA became the public laughing stock that it has almost immediately after Gould took over. “

“Gould needs to figure out how to shut up, for the sake of his organization. Everyone knows that the SFWA hasn’t been operating in good faith for a long time. “

“So basically the SFWA is shaping up to have all the charm of Stalin’s Russia with its doublespeak and creepy insistence on not naming the accused. Unfortunately Gould doesn’t realize he’s Trotsky, not Uncle Joe. Let the purges begin.”

“Mr. Gould: Recently a member of SFWA resigned and gave as their reasons that they were being slandered and libeled by leaders and members of SFWA who were also engaged in an ‘organized attempts to harass my readers and hurt my sales figures.’”

“So is the evidence thus far suggesting that Scalzi was a better president than Gould is proving to be?”

” . . . Scalzi was destructive, Gould is merely inept. Both are dishonest, obviously.”


The Write Agenda: “We told you before the election that Gould was inept!”


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