The SFWA’s Michael Capobianco Tried to Hide Public Information Before: Deleting Members Should Be No Suprise

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“Just for the record, niether SFWA nor Writer Beware are represented by Charles E. Petit.”

  • Sure, not now (because he’s disbarred). Be truthful Michael Capobianco (Former President of the SFWA and Husband to Ann “A.C.” Crispin; the other BIG half of Writer Beware) didn’t he? Charles E. Petit, did accept service for all of your peeps in the Bauer vs. Glatzer case. Truth Michael . . . it’s all on the line. And, by the way, “neither” is spelled n-e-i-t-h-e-r not “niether.” Admit your affiliation to Charles Emil Petit….just for the record.

Charles E. Petit is also believed to be an Absolute Write Moderator and frequent contributor and commenter on Writer Beware ™. Confidential sources indicated to The Write Agenda that, at one time, all complaints and “cease & desist” letters regardingWriter Beware™ were to be directed to Charles E. Petit. On information and belief, it appears that he did accept service of process for several defendants in the Bauer vs. Glatzer in 2007. This may have also included Jenna Glatzer and Miss Snark.  Petit never actually represented any of the defendants. He couldn’t because he’s not licensed in New Jersey. He did accept service and then referred the case to local New Jersey attorneys. He was subjected to disciplinary action, by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, after a complaint was filed by Nancy Steinbeck who was the former wife of John Steinbeck IV, the son of author John Steinbeck (see below). SFWA Caught Manipulating Facts & Deleting SFWA Member Directory After 7:00 AM EST isn’t anything new.