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SFWA President, Steven Gould, Looking Very Un-Presidential

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“Often such leaders see their followers as pawns, a mere means to an end, thus confusing manipulation with leadership. These leaders lose empathy. They cease to be people “perceivers” and become people “pleasers,” using popularity to ease the guilt of lapsed integrity.”

Mark Sanborn

As the top person in the SFWA, others look to Steven Gould for direction, not only in terms of publishing needs, but also related to behavior, ethics, and standards. If you want others in your organization to change, you must set an example for them to follow. Are you surprised? It’s no wonder why the SFWA and Writer Beware are what they are.

Sockpuppet, sockpuppet, sigh me a sigh, recount a wrong, maybe fake cry. Sing us a terrible, plausible song, tell us the =perfect= lie.

Sockpuppet, sockpuppet sing me a song, not very long. but totally wrong. Breathe out a sigh, maybe fake cry, and tell me the =perfect= lie.

One for Mr. Gould:

She played
Follow the leader
He wasn’t very good
So she played Simon said
And when she moved like them
They only got

So they called her a troll
And she said what gives
It only started
I was fighting for some kids
So they take the end of their tapes
And cut out the rest
But yet stood like fakes

In the abused woman’s line
Wearing their pride
Wanting to march
But not to stand
Behind it’s meaning


Accusations & No Proofs: Another Weinerdog Following the Footsteps of Victoria Strauss

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It looks like a scam. It smells like a scam. But, it’s not officially a scam yet. If you have been following the Bookbzz debacle, it’s not looking real good for either Bookbzz owner Conrad Murray or his partner, Paige Doyle. Authors, and rightfully so, are in a tizzy about the Prize Writer Competition 2015 that Bookbzz actively solicited entries for. The issue at hand? Unpaid prizes. However, Murray, in spite of his recent hardship, made the following promise:

“ . . . [C]learly the first requirement is to pay the Prize Writer Competition winners. In the absence of any money from the business accounts it will have to be paid from my own resources.”

Ok, Murray is attempting to be noble and do the right thing . . .  promising payment to the Prize Writer Competition winners. It’s the right thing to do and he put his word on it. He further indicated that he expects to have this all resolved by the end of April 2015. Now it rests on Murray and Doyle to make good on this promise. Moreover, it would be in his best interest to follow through. If not, he’ll certainly be eaten alive.

So what’s the problem here? The problem is the way in which some Weinerdogs and devotees of Victoria Strass (Writer Beware) immediately jumped to conclusions. It’s very typical of these low information admirers to follow in the footsteps of Strauss. Remember, it was Strauss that claimed that American Book Publishing was the subject of “at least one police investigation.” Her proofs? In spite of our substantiations to the contrary, she relied on two blog postings that could only be recovered by the Wayback Machine, an internet archive. There are absolutely no primary source materials in existence to substantiate Strauss’ claims. None.

Now, in response to the Bookbzz Snafu, we are witnessing another gang rape by the flying monkeys. Without waiting for Murray to make good on his promise the bullying and smear campaign has begun on Twitter. For example:

 Kathryn Gauci ‏@KathrynGauci  Mar 28 @HelenHollick This is their loss. If anything these scams unite us more. BEWARE SCAMMERS, We will find you.

 Rolli ‏@rolliwrites  Apr 2 Writer Beware – Scam Alert – Bookbzz @bookbzz #scams 

[Note: Victoria Strauss (Writer Beware) has a history of not reporting all “scams” . . .  even the real “scams.” See: John Steinbeck Family Defrauded by Writer Beware™ & SFWA Attorney: The 2007 Scam that Writer Beware™ Didn’t Report . . . Why?]

 Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  Apr 4 Perhaps if @bookbzz Conrad Murray wants us to believe his story he should fact check his own lies #wheresconrad 

Admittedly, Strauss never called it a “scam” or claimed that Murray was lying. However, her influence is obvious in how authors respond without the benefit of substantiation. Take the example of Author Willow Sanders, who was prompted for proofs and to back up her claims:

The Accusation: Lies

Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  Apr 4 @victoriastrauss he sent us all an email this morning full of lies it’s posted in his main page as well  @bookbzz

The Write Agenda‏@thewriteagenda1 @Willow_Writing @bookbzz Lies? Strong word in this environment. What are your proofs that they are “lies” . . . can you demonstrate it?

The Response & Waffle

Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  @thewriteagenda1 have you read the letter from @bookbzz ? I’ve attached a snippet- the most obvious is the @dailymailuk article he (1/2)

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK Yes, we have. Why is it a lie? You are the accuser. What are your proofs?

Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  @thewriteagenda1 @bookbzz @DailyMailUK lol why is it a lie? How is an insinuation of a present occurrence – referencing a THREE YEAR (1/2)

Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  @thewriteagenda1 @bookbzz @DailyMailUK and I have every right to accuse since IM one of the prizewriters [sic] that had been taken for a (1/2)

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK Willow, stay on point. It was a direct question and you apparently can’t answer it. Proofs!

Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  @thewriteagenda1 I am on point – Stating that his woes are due to a girlfriend who left him to take care of her daughter whose (1/2)

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK Another example of a low information flying monkey. …

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK That’s great. Accuse is one thing. Stating that another “lies” requires proofs. Post them.

The Shield . . .  Still Ignoring a Direct Question

Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  @thewriteagenda1 you seem to think that because your adversary had been wrapped into our book buzz conversation that I am one of her (1/2)

Trapped & Cornered . . .  Bailing Out in the Name of Jesus

Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  @thewriteagenda1 @bookbzz @DailyMailUK its Easter weekend I do t have time to be fishing about the Internet to prove Conrad Murray is (1/2)

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @DailyMailUK @bookbzz Don’t fall into the trap of not providing proofs . . . like this:  back it up.

Willow Sanders ‏@Willow_Writing  @thewriteagenda1 @bookbzz @DailyMailUK or – if you are so certain that Conrad Murray is totally above board – you spend your holdup at (1/3)

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK Passover for us. But, your decline to prove proofs speaks for itself.

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK We’re not. That’s why we asked you for proofs since you were so adamant that he is lying.

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK Yet . . . you’ve spent how many tweets to us with no proofs?

[Note: Author Libby Hellman bailed out too when attempting to protect Author Lee Goldberg when pressed by The Write Agenda™:]

 Libby Hellmann ‏@libbyhellmann  May 3

@LeeGoldberg @thewriteagenda1 @FuriousDShow Not going to engage with this silliness further.

 See: Libby Hellmann’s ‏(@libbyhellmann) Statement Now in Question Regarding Lee Goldberg (@leegoldberg)

 Strong Accusations Without Proofs and Needs to “Fish” the Internet

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK So, you say he’s lying but you can’t fish the Internet to prove it? That’s amazing and very wrong.

The Write Agenda ‏@thewriteagenda1  @Willow_Writing @bookbzz @DailyMailUK What you are doing causes these kinds of things to happen: …

Again, these are typical Flying Monkey & Weinerdog tactics with the illusion of creating truths. We’ve seen it before as in the case of Author Lee Goldberg where the facts just unraveled. See:

UPDATED: Lee Goldberg: What is His Motive and Hidden Agenda Behind Exposing James Strauss Now? @leegoldberg

Literary Agent Links Lee Goldberg to Breakfast Table & as Passenger in James Strauss’ Vehicle – @leegoldberg

Libby Hellmann’s ‏(@libbyhellmann) Statement Now in Question Regarding Lee Goldberg (@leegoldberg)

Lee Goldberg Waffles on His Meals & Ride With Known Scammer James Strauss @Lee Goldberg

Just to be clear, The Write Agenda™ is not rising up in support of Mr. Murray; quite the contrary. Our point is to illustrate how the influence of Victoria Strauss (Writer Beware) causes low information authors to jump to baseless conclusions without the necessary substantiation. It is the stimulation of these kinds of bullying tactics that makes Victoria Strauss (Writer Beware) more and more less relevant.

There’s absolutely no harm in alerting authors to potential scams; which may very well be the case here. However, when unsubstantiated claims are made, and bullying occurs, the results can be calamitous. Remember that the bullying case, Bauer vs. Glatzer, while claimed as a victory by Victoria Strauss (Writer Beware), was dismissed in part and the Court left the door open for the Plaintiff (Bauer) to refile her lawsuit, Judge Paul Kapalko and Judge Jamie S. Perri allowed Bauer and her agency to go forward without prejudice. Do not forget that Strauss and Company were non-vindicated defendants; they merely rode the coattails of the dismissal in favor of Wikipedia. Authors need to exercise caution with these alerts or risk being made an example of. If David L. Kuzminski were still alive you could ask him about his experience with bullying.

We sincerely do hope that Mr. Murray makes good on his promises. If not, we’ll be the first to call him a liar and point out that he perpetrated a scam against authors; assuming that the facts and evidence prove it to be so. Rise up Mr. Murray, your integrity is at stake.