SFWA President, Steven Gould, Looking Very Un-Presidential

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“Often such leaders see their followers as pawns, a mere means to an end, thus confusing manipulation with leadership. These leaders lose empathy. They cease to be people “perceivers” and become people “pleasers,” using popularity to ease the guilt of lapsed integrity.”

Mark Sanborn

As the top person in the SFWA, others look to Steven Gould for direction, not only in terms of publishing needs, but also related to behavior, ethics, and standards. If you want others in your organization to change, you must set an example for them to follow. Are you surprised? It’s no wonder why the SFWA and Writer Beware are what they are.

Sockpuppet, sockpuppet, sigh me a sigh, recount a wrong, maybe fake cry. Sing us a terrible, plausible song, tell us the =perfect= lie.

Sockpuppet, sockpuppet sing me a song, not very long. but totally wrong. Breathe out a sigh, maybe fake cry, and tell me the =perfect= lie.

One for Mr. Gould:

She played
Follow the leader
He wasn’t very good
So she played Simon said
And when she moved like them
They only got

So they called her a troll
And she said what gives
It only started
I was fighting for some kids
So they take the end of their tapes
And cut out the rest
But yet stood like fakes

In the abused woman’s line
Wearing their pride
Wanting to march
But not to stand
Behind it’s meaning