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Comments on the Death of Ann “A.C.” Crispin (Ongoing)

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“The idea that it’s okay to lie and smear people you don’t know doesn’t die with them.  I see from all these trolls that Victoria and company has taught them that this, and a ludicrous arrogance, is okay.  They haven’t an idea just how much damage it does to them.”

“Ann Crispin has done similarly, cancer often being the result of years of misdirected anger or feelings of martyrdom.”

“Some people make the planet a better place for having got the hell off it, eh?”

“We might wonder what Victoria Strauss was actually doing for that month ‘meeting a deadline’ for her latest claimed paint-by-numbers flotsam. I don’t follow her or any of these dishonest cretins, but I’d probably have heard if she’d said another word about it.  What was she doing?  Is she also ill?”

“One down and 1.5 to go . . . if Richard White (Who?) really counts.”

“The end of Writer Beware is on the horizon. Victoria Strauss lacks the competence as a researcher and is a literary underachiever. Why would anyone trust an author that has produced 8 novels that have flopped; she’s not a household name. Keep the pressure on The Write Agenda!”

“So, ‘A.C.’ has died. Allow me to be the first to extend my hand to her family at this difficult time…and then slowly raise my middle finger.”

“Crispin was Crispin. Crispin was Writer Beware. Victoria Strauss isn’t Ann Crispin . . .  the rest is history.”

“Strauss doesn’t have the skin (or ovaries as you say) to do justice to Writer Beware. Crispin’s death marks the death of Writer Beware too!”

“Amen The Write Agenda. Amen.”

“I never understood the Writer Beware concept. It’s not like they really accomplished anything other than regurgitating information. Posting shit on people or organizations that they have not been involved with is reprehensible. Yet, I never liked Crispin, not at all. That last thing she wrote isn’t a novel anyway, whatever it is. I don’t like it. Not at all. It suffers horribly  and it’s so narcissistic. And to me, also, it seemed so false, so calculated. Combining the plain woman with an absolutely megalomaniac egotism. I simply can’t stand it. Victoria Strauss . . . seriously?”

” Crispin’s work and and Strauss’ are evil, and they are the most unhappy beings of whom one can say that it would be better had they had never been born.”

“Crispin’s prose is a cold black suet-pudding. We can represent it as a cold suet-roll of fabulously reptilian length. Cut it at any point, it is the same thing; the same heavy, sticky, opaque mass all through and all along. Rest in Hell Bitch.”

“In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.” – Dalai Lama

“May she live in the land of publisher’s advances beyond her wildest dreams.  Meanwhile, we still have work to do.”

“I doubt that any BIG publishing entity will take the time to eulogize Ann Crispin. May this fact serve to prove how SMALL she really was.”

“Ann Crispin spent her time fooling authors and convincing them that purchasing her books (and Victoria Strauss’) was a ‘show of support’ for the not-for-profit thing better known as Writer Beware. Fortunately, she only fooled the under-educated author and the Kool-Aid drinking minions . . . a very small group of literary putzes.”

“The Write Agenda (TWA) has done an awesome job weaving the cast of characters in the literary folly perpetuated by Ann Crispin, Victoria Strauss, James Macdonald, Macallister Stone, Lisa L. Spangenberg, Teresa Hayden, David Kuzminski, Writer Beware, Making Light, Absolute Write and Preditors & Editors. In this effort, it does appear that Yog’s Law is true. Money does flow to the author . . . especially those authors listed above. Keep following the money TWA! You’ve certainly pissed off this group and that has validated you; they are not ignoring you. Keep exposing their scams that are being perpetrated on the unknowing author.”

“To her credit, Ann Crispin was a public person and visible. Victoria Strauss, who is publically shy and painfully reclusive, hides behind Twitter and other online services and pales in comparison. If Writer Beware is going to survive it’s going to take a more publically stable individual; I’ve personally witnessed the public Strauss and it isn’t pretty. Writer Beware cannot thrive solely on the narcissistic endeavors of a reclusive hag like Victoria Strauss. Writer Beware is surely to follow the same fate as Ann Crispin . . . DEATH. Strauss will not be able to hack the challenges without Crispin and her ego would not tolerate a replacement.”

“What? Writer Beware’s & Victoria Strauss’ first post . . . FIRST POST! . . . after the death of Ann Crispin links to Twitter postings by The Write Agenda? Seriously? Rock on The Write Agenda . . . you have arrived as a worthy opponent to the reclusive one (Victoria Strauss). Strauss states:  ‘I was considering letting the blog sit silent for a week–but in light of the fools and trolls who are dreaming of Writer Beware’s demise, I’ve decided to carry on as usual. It’s what Ann would have wanted’ . . . it’s no ‘dream’ Strauss, The Write Agenda has called you out and Writer Beware will ‘sit silent’ soon! It’s a great day to be a ‘fool’ and a ‘troll’ people because Victoria Strauss could not remain silent! Strauss can’t sell any of her dreadful books . . . how will she continue to sell Writer Beware? There’s no validity here; not with the author and not with the mission she claims to advocate for. However, you can purchase her books as a sign of ‘support’ of Writer Beware. I hope the people that are reading this are now puking. You just can’t make this shit up!”

“Strauss has BIG shoes to fill and obviously The Write Agenda has become public enemy #1 to Strauss & Co. The death of Crispin is a historical benchmark and a pinnacle turning point for the future of Writer Beware. The Write Agenda has obliviously intimidated the living shit out of Victoria Strauss! Savor the moment The Write Agenda. Victoria Strauss should have ignored you . . . she didn’t. I agree with the other commentators . . . the death of Writer Beware is foreseeable, Strauss avoids facts, Strauss uses ad hominem tactics, avoids real issues (hmm like Charlie Petit?) and makes personal arguments against an opponent instead of against their argument. Strauss doesn’t have the moxey to publically represent Writer Beware in a fashion anything near to Crispin. She had to comment to save her face. Thank you The Write Agenda!!!! When a person is ‘saving face,’ they are struggling to keep their reputation and the respect of other people . . .  clearly The Write Agenda has injured Writer Beware and Victoria Strauss.”

“Hell hath no fury like one author gleefully savaging another author’s work. That’s all I can say.”

“I haven’t any right to criticize books, and I don’t do it except when I hate them. I often wanted to criticize Ann Crispin, but her books madden me so that I can’t conceal my frenzy from other readers; and therefore I had to stop every time I began. When’s the funeral? Or, are they going to toast her remains? If not,  I want to dig her up and hit her over the skull with her own shin-bone.”

“I couldn’t stand Crispin (I despise Strauss). Nobody will think to ask because I’m supposedly jealous; but I out-sell both of them. I’m more popular than they are, and I don’t take either of them very seriously…oh, they come on like the authors advocates, but they are just boring little middle-class girls hustling their crappy books. Crispin dead? Great! Now this group is left with Victoria Strauss: What she does is not writing, that’s typing.”

“I’ve followed Writer Beware since its inception. Conceptually, it has been a great idea and they have accomplished some great things. However, as a dues paying member of the SFWA I’ve had issues with Crispin and Strauss using the site as a marketing tool. The SFWA is a not-for-profit organization; Crispin and Strauss have, as The Write Agenda has indicated, pressured followers to purchase their books as a ‘sign of support’ for their volunteerism. BULL SHIT! This is wrong and they know it’s wrong. However, it’s not that it really matters because only a small group of worshippers have actually bought into this marketing ploy. Neither Crispin nor Strauss have become household names resulting from this activity. Crispin had her 15 minutes of fame and now her flame has burned out; Strauss, now beyond middle-age, dreams of just having a public spark. Strauss is wiped out and has little chance of redeeming herself. I agree with the post regarding the ‘public’ Victoria Strauss . . . is really is not pretty. She may be able to maintain Writer Beware as a recluse but to build credibility beyond the comfort of her home in Amherst, MA . . . it’s probably not going to happen. Crispin and Strauss both have maintained independent sites; that’s where you market your book . . . not on a not-for-profit site. I’m also very concerned about the selective ‘reporting’ of Writer Beware. For example, an attorney retained by the SFWA commits fraud and it’s swept under the table; not reported by Crispin or Strauss? The American Book Publishing story by Strauss . . . so what? A ‘police investigation’ that may have actually been fabricated by Strauss herself? The Write Agenda caught my attention when you contacted all of the police organizations in the jurisdiction and found nothing to substantiate Strauss’ claims. I’m a loyalist by nature; with personal difficulty I commend The Write Agenda for calling out Crispin and Strauss to be honest. The SFWA is beyond housecleaning; John Scalzi is a putz, Crispin & Strauss  . . . self-serving and new President Steven Gould . . . G-d help us . . . Gould truly is the rectal spawn, of former SFWA President, John Scalzi that was fertilized by author James C. Hines. I will not be renewing my SFWA membership.”

“I’ve always thought that The Write Agenda (TWA) was FOS (Full of Shit). However, I’ve honestly discovered that TWA does tell the truth. Admittedly, I’ve been a SFWA & Writer Beware fool. The ‘under-informed’ & Kool-Aid drinking flying monkey! Yes, that was (was) me. Thank you TWA for the epiphany! The wakeup call was well deserved . . . mea culpa! I have also witnessed ‘the public’ Victoria Strauss and completely agree with the other posters here. If Strauss is going to redeem Writer Beware  . . . she has to get schooled in PR (how to do public appearances) quickly. Ann Crispin is well documented on video sites like You-Tube etc; there are no videos of Strauss. TWA you have hit the nail on the head. If Writer Beware is going to survive, Strauss (and only Strauss; Richard White is a peon and has less credibility than Strauss) is going to have to step up. That is going to require her to get more factual in her “reporting” and become a more public. Personally, I don’t see that happening. Strauss has been in a comfort zone, she’s publically shy and she’ll always be in the shadow of Ann Crispin.TWA you have successfully converted this SFWA member; I’m also not renewing my SFWA membership. Well done TWA! To my SFWA (soon to be former) BUY the TWA books posted as a ‘sign of support’ for their work.”

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Victoria Strauss Reaches 666 Facebook Fans: The Satanic Association is Worth Noting

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Victoria Strauss Reaches 666 Facebook Fans: The Satanic Association is Worth Noting


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