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The 2012 SFWA Tax Return (990) Filed in 2013

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The 2012 SFWA Tax Return (990) Filed in 2013 (Click here for SFWA_2013_990 file in PDF format.)

To the very discerning eye  . . .  there should be a few surprises here compared to previous years (see below).

SFWA President, Steven Gould, obviously doesn’t like this information to be public:


Annual Reports of SFWA are (were) a Fantasy: Conflicts with Bi-Laws, Responsible Leadership and Timeliness

2005 – 2008 Tax Returns

2010 Tax Return: 2010-042977509-07fa00e2-9O

2011 Tax Return: 2011-042977509-07f9e3f5-9O

2012 Tax Return: 2012-042977509-08965315-9O

The 2012 SFWA Tax Return (990) Filed in 2013

SFWA_2013_990-page-001 SFWA_2013_990-page-002 SFWA_2013_990-page-003 SFWA_2013_990-page-004 SFWA_2013_990-page-005 SFWA_2013_990-page-006 SFWA_2013_990-page-007 SFWA_2013_990-page-008 SFWA_2013_990-page-009 SFWA_2013_990-page-010 SFWA_2013_990-page-011 SFWA_2013_990-page-012