Atlanta Nights: The Movie . . . What Still No Funding?

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Seems like the Screenplay by Roy C. Booth and Rachael Saltzman still isn’t going anywhere. No contact with Facebook users since January 2013. In addition, there has been numerous (failed) attempts to fund this project. We’re still amazed that James Macdonald, Victoria Strauss & Ann “A.C.” Crispin have not stepped up to fund this project. Since they’ve promoted it heavily, is it just the fact that their book royalties are so low that they cannot afford it? No Blockbusters here.



Who were the “players” behind Atlanta Nights?

The authors of the chapters of this book include:

NOTE: Follow the Money . . . 

The book and the story behind it were optioned for a film in February 2011 by producing team Roy C. Booth and Rachael Saltzman, who were also slated to co-write and co-direct the film. The options money has gone to the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. Production was tentatively scheduled to begin August 2011, but on 16 May 2011 the crowd funding campaign ended without reaching its goal.

Lawsuit Filed: PublishAmerica Officer Targets Authors and Investigative Blogger

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SINTHYIA DARKNESS, THOMAS MEYERS and PHILLIP DOLAN have been named as defendants in a lawsuit brought against them by WILHELMUS JOHANNES FRANS MEINERS (PublishAmerica Representative) et al.

Allegedly, defamatory and disparaging blog postings led to the action. While the majority of the blog posts in question appear to be from Sinthyia Darkness, Author Thomas Meyers and Author Phillip Dolan apparently contributed additional postings which led to them being included into the lawsuit. The case was filed by PublishAmerica Attorney Victor Cretella (See Preditor & Editor Lawsuit here). Cumulatively, the complaint’s prayer for relief seeks $2 million in compensatory and punitive damages, and a demand for a jury trial.

This case may have interesting implications for Watchdogs, Authors, Publishers, Agents and could define the price of loyalty to publishing industry watchdogs. Stay tuned.

Click PublishAmerica Lawsuit to read the complaint in its entirety.

In other news, more lawsuits coming? Confidential sources have advised The Write Agenda that Author P.N. Elrod has been the subject of numerous “Cease and Desist” letters. This appears to have some merit to it since Elrod appears to have deleted potentially defamatory and slanderous postings. Elrod also appears to be opting to post links on her Facebook page that were written by other blogs. More on this as it develops.

Posting Coming Soon: The Price of Loyalty to Crispin, Macdonald & Strauss: Watchdogs May Lead You to Stick Your Toe into the Litigation Pond . . .  Is it Worth it?