SFWA Caught Manipulating Facts & Deleting SFWA Member Directory After 7:00 AM EST

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He was an Active member, not Lifetime. And I think it’s funny that I’m being accused of lying for referring to the only resource made available to non-members to check on membership.
– Vox Day

It’s not just Marion Zimmer Bradley. A convicted child molester is STILL an active member of SFWA.

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. I haven’t seen his screenshot. But I believe anyone can check the online SFWA directory at

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. The Naive Idiocy of Not Checking Your Facts Before Making Accusations Online

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Yeah. So Kramer isn’t actually a member of SFWA. (Though it looks like he was an associate member…four years ago.)

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Now and are trying to deny what is right on as of 23 June 2014.