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Michael Cohen Review of Absolute Write, Victoria Strauss, James D. Macdonald, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden . . . Validity Test

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Michael Cohen Review of Absolute Write, Victoria Strauss, James D. Macdonald, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden et al . . . Validity Test.

“The harsh criticisms of Absolute Write on this site are justified, and then some. As a former member of the AW inner circle, I was present at several behind the scenes discussions with Lisa Spangenberg (alias Mac Stone), Victoria Strauss, James D. Macdonald, Teresa Nielsen-Hayden, and others. The mix was different from time to time depending on who was around and what writer or editor was being torn to pieces on the board…. (more on the following link.)

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WANTED: Macallister Stone & Lisa L. Spangenberg Pictures . . . Threesomes or More!

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Have you had your picture taken with  Macallister Stone & Lisa L. Spangenberg together? Have you been to a conference, publishing event or social event that Macallister Stone & Lisa L. Spangenberg attended? If you have a group photo or other pictures to share please contact us here.

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